Sunday, 5 July 2015

Ten tips for property investment
Investing in any property is the most critical step to take as today it is not just buying your dream home while it has changed to an investment avenue. Whenever you are investing in Indian real estate property, it’s very necessary for you to spot a dodgy deal among the researched deals by you. At the time of making an investment, every customer, whether you are an investor, end-user, an NRI or owner buying a property with the rent-out objective, needs to focus on few major factors like:

  1. The quality of the neighborhood in which you are going to put your huge amount of saving.
  2. You or your tenants will have or be planning to have children, so everyone would need a place near a decent school. 
  3. Criminal activities have to be checked around the locality to provide safety to the family.
  4. Locations with growing employment opportunities tend to attract more people.
  5. Check the operating history of the developer to get the home at the right time and for better and higher returns.
  6. You need to ensure that your chosen developer has cleared all the documents in his file or not.
  7. Check that your property is built on reserved land.
  8. Make sure what you see is what you get.
  9. Keep a check on the building permits and future developments around the locality.
  10. Always research that the area is prone to earthquakes or flooding, the extra insurance can add up and eat away at your rental income.


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